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Class Descriptions

Art: Glorifying God as the Master Artist, children participating in our art class this year will perhaps experience art in a whole new light. Art is a wonderful expression of worship, reflecting God’s beauty, truth, and goodness! With this overall focus, students will study the “Elements in art design”, including line, shape, color, and texture. Students will also study how to arrange these elements in the “Principles of art design”, including balance, rhythm, unity, and movement - the flow of the eye through a painting.

Once again, Mrs. Carol Boerckel, Senior Pastor wife at White Oak Bible Church, will be leading our class. Mrs. Boerckel is a skilled artist, and has always had a great love for art. She firmly believes that Art reflects back to God His excellence in creation, as well as praise and gratitude, glorifying God as the Master Artist.

*An additional $12 supply fee ($1/class) per student will be charged. This fee can be added with the membership fee payment and sent in with the registration paperwork.

Culture Study: Grab your passports! Students will take an exciting trip through the cultures of Central and South America without ever leaving the classroom. They will learn about the people, places, and history that make this part of the world unique and colorful. Holiday celebrations and hands-on activities will help these cultures come alive, with a little language thrown in as well.

Drama: This class will look at how we can worship God with drama and how it can help us understand ourselves and others. Each class period will have some fun time with improvisational games and follow up by writing a script from an account from the gospels. After the script is written we will have practice for the second half of the class each time. We will perform the script for the talent show at the end of the year.

Jewelry Making I: Students in this class will reap the rewards of working with their hands, designing and creating their own individual jewelry pieces, including necklaces, bracelets and earrings! The class will begin with simple bead stringing, and transition into more complex levels with introductory wire work, shaping and bending to form links and more intricate items. Students will learn and study the terminology and techniques used in jewelry making with beads and wire, as well as some geology with a few of the stone beads used. Students will also learn the proper ways to handle and manipulate the special tools needed in this field of art.

Jewelry Making II:Students will build upon concepts learned in Jewelry Making I. Jewelry Making I is a prerequisite for this class.

*Jewelry I and II requires an additional $10 supply fee per student. This fee can be added with themembership fee payment and sent in with the registration paperwork.

Kitchen Basics: In this Group C class, the focus will be on basic skills in the kitchen. Students will learn the proper way to use kitchen tools and work with different techniques used in the kitchen. The best way to learn is by doing, so students will be actively involved in using tools and will practice their skills in the kitchen.

LEGO League: Come let your imagination flow into building! Each class period, students will be given a theme with which to creatively brainstorm and build unique masterpieces. Exciting surprise themes, games, and contests will keep students begging for more! At the end of each class period, the newly built Lego creations will be captured on camera and put into an individual keepsake journal for each student. Laughter and lighthearted fun abound in the Lego League!

P.E.: Drills and skills will be a major focus of our physical education class this year. Children will learn and practice various sports that will enhance teamwork and group participation. Our PE class will also continue to work on individual fitness to promote a healthy life style.

Read-A-Loud: A favorite activity in many households is snuggling on the couch and sharing a book(or two) together. This class takes that concept and moves it to the classroom. Students will read a book together and participate in arts and crafts associated with the book. This class is perfect for those kinesthetic learners to help them remember the concepts of the books they read by adding in hands-on crafts.

Science: If your child likes to watch things explode, see things ooze, and learn about slimy science things, then this is the class for your child. Focus will be placed on the science behind the experiment, but let’s face it, the experiment is what will keep your child begging to come back each time E-Group meets.

Sewing I: Students in our sewing I class will learn essential sewing skills. All students will work with a beginner sewing pattern and complete a project, from choosing material to completion.
*An additional $10 supply fee per student will be charged for the purchase of materials. This fee can be added with the membership fee payment and sent in with the registration paperwork.

Speech: Public speaking is not usually high on the list of things people WANT to do; however, it will be a necessary skill that can be used in all careers. Based on Andrew Pudewa’s Speech Boot Camp, students will walk through introductory, demonstrative, narrative, descriptive, and persuasive speeches. Students will present their own speeches and critique speeches presented on DVD.

Wander the World with Food: As the name suggests, students in this class will have fun with foods from different countries. We will prepare and try a variety of foods and even use food to create some works of art. As we wander, we will learn a bit about the various cultures and food from that country.